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This week we return to the Grape Miniseries...finally! It's Malbec and I think we have a few surprises to share about this grape.

After lots of wonderful thanks and fun comments, we hit three excellent listener questions:
1. What's the etiquette of sharing good wine with people who may not appreciate it? GREAT question and we have an answer that should provide a sigh of relief for you.


2. What exactly is minerality in normal people terms? We hit on some ideas, and suggest licking rocks...
3. And very importantly, when is "Wine for Normal People" the book coming out? Yes, Virginia, you can put it on your Christmas wish-list next year!
Then we get to the matter at hand!
And a few summary points:
  • We talk about the grape and its many challenges in the vineyard.
  • We discuss the main styles of Malbec ('cause it isn't just Argentina)
  • Then we hit on history and the regions where the grape grows or has grown in the past:
  • France: Bordeaux, Cahors (where it's often called Côt), the Loire, and it's very strange place of origin and complete identity crisis
  • Then we hit on the big gun in Malbec: Argentina. We talk about how it got there, and why it's so different from the French version.
  • We hit on a few up and coming regions and talk about our wish for a great future ahead for the grape!
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