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Sorry to be so late with this one -- a death in the family has taken us off schedule with lots of things, including the podcast.

But we're back on track this week! And I think this one will be useful. Old time radio

This week MC Ice and I give some suggestions on what to buy if you're shopping for a case of wine (which makes sense because you usually get a discount for doing that!)

Since I know you're not going to be able to take notes on everything, here's the rundown of our recommendations:


Cava, Albariño, and French Rosé (dry, not sweet blush wine!)

Versatile/Food Wines

Whites: Sauvignon Blanc, lightly oaked Chardonnay, dry Riesling

Reds: Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Chianti or Barbera, Malbec or Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon or a red blend that contains it

The Wild Card/Something New

Sky's the limit but we mention...Grüner Veltliner, Monastrell, Torrontes, and Nero d’Avola

The grape of the week is Petit Sirah...and we explain why it's not just mini Syrah!!!

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