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Yep, we're throwing it down with the rest of the wine world...but doing it the normal way. It's a family time, so MC Ice and Elizabeth huddle 'round the mic to share some ideas about Thanksgiving wine.

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  • It’s a tough holiday for wine, but great to be with Urban Tribe or family (Elizabeth explains the Urban Tribe, and how it differs from being a Member of the Tribe)
  • MC Ice talks about a dessert that he'll never eat again
  • Wine Pairing Horses of the Apocalypse: Why food and wine pairing is tough for Thanksgiving
  • Elizabeth waxes poetic on pairing philosophy -- it's not just about the meat!
  • The Brass Tacks: Elizabeth and MC Ice discuss pairings for Thanksgiving -- why the standard recommendations work, and why some other wines should be on the menu. They discuss everything from traditional Thanksgiving food to smoked and fried turkey, to spicy glazed ham.
  • Elizabeth offers a sample wine menu for each course from aperitifs to dessert before she and MC Ice jet off to New York, to help Elizabeth's mom shop for wine for their Thanksgiving feast!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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