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Elizabeth and MC Ice are back from hiatus this week. We start with  a thanks to everyone for their hospitality on our Napa/Sonoma Harvest trip! Elizabeth is chronicling it on the blog, so check it out for details!

Shout outs from iTunes -- amazing new reviews! And a shout out from a listener to Ellie, the dog!

Main Topic: Bargain Wines

  • Thanks to Leslie Strolla for the topic!
  • Defining what we mean: Cheap v. Bargain
  • The top bargains from Europe: places where people speak Spanish, Bordeaux (yup, that's right), some Southern Italian gems
  • BAD values...you'll have to tune in to find out what Elizabeth says aren't great for your wallet
  • The top bargains from English speaking countries: 1 part of California, and down under...
  • White v. red -- which is a better bargain? Elizabeth gives her take
  • Some info on the sausage factory (or the bait and switch business that happens in the world of cheap wine...)
  • Write to Elizabeth if you know of a great bargain: elizabeth (at) winefornormalpeople (dot) com
  • Listener question from Emir from Boston: What's the deal with wine clubs? We want you to Call us!!! Do you have a wine-related question for Elizabeth? Anything goes! Call 800-599-8478 (in the U.S.) or 1-415-226-9105 and dial extension 5 to leave your question for the Wine For Normal People Podcast, and we will play it on the show!
  • Grape of the week: Malbec (one of the best bargains around)

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