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And finally, we tackle the big dog of the whites: Chardonnay. So many styles, so little time. MC Ice steps in while Rick is on summer break!

Here are the show notes...

  • Some fun facts about the Chardonnay grape (the real dorky stuff and some surprising things about how boring the grape is on its own...)
  • Typical profiles of the Old World v. New World Styles
  • Major (and not so major) growing regions in the Old World: Burgundy, Champagne, Northern Italy, Austria, Germany, Eastern Europe
  • Major growing regions in the New World: South America, South Africa, Australia, California
  • A word on food and Chardonnay pairing...

Chardonnay is such a huge topic that we couldn't do anything but brush the surface. If you've got questions post them on  Facebook or Tweet us @Normalwine

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