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Have you ever stared blankly at a wine label and wondered what the wine was in the bottle? Elizabeth and Rick take you through an easy-to-understand approach to reading a wine label when making your next purchase.

Show Notes:

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  • Main Topic - How to Read a Wine Label
    1. A cameo from Ellie the dog ;)
    2. Information on the Label:
      1. Vintage
      2. Alcohol Content
      3. Warnings
      4. Country of Origin
      5. Producer/Importer
      6. Regions & Appellations
    3. "New World" Wine Labels (U.S., Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.)
    4. European Wine Labels & How to Decipher Them
    5. German Wine Labels (Always a Challenge)
    6. How a Wine Label Reads Like a Beauty Product
    7. Back Labels: Beware of the B.S.
  • Coming Soon - The Q&A Show: Ask your questions on Facebook or the blog

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