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Another great podcast with Elizabeth and guest host M.C. Ice (thanks again for co-hosting!)

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Main topic: Inside the Wine Industry

  • · How does the wine industry work? -- Regulation, the three tier system, and how it functions
  • A few ways you can get into the industry if you want to pursue it as a career
  • The real scoop -- Elizabeth's opinions on how it's far from glitz and glamour. Elizabeth and M.C. Ice share some personal experiences and tell it how it really is
  • Personalities in the wine industry -- from the veteran to the lifestyle junkie, to the snobs, you'll find it all in this biz
  • To sum it all up: think long and hard before diving into the wine industry...it's not too much different from any other business, despite what it looks like from the outside!

And...The Grape of the Week is Cabernet Franc

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  • John

    Elizabeth, Great podcast! I’ve been super busy lately and missed a few, but had to hear your take on this issue. I was one of those guys who got plucked out of the restaurant side of the wine biz and asked to work for what was one of the greatest distributors in the ATL market (ATL Wholesale Wine - the old regime under Russ McCall). That was over a decade ago, before corp. America got too overly involved in the wine business and the economy took it’s toll. It was a lot of hard work back then, but a great life. I was fortunate to be able to work up from a starter territory to one where my accounts did roll out the red carpet when I went to see them. Well not literally, but they were happy to see me each week and I did have a few accounts that I’d tell them what I was bringing them that week and they’d make food to pair and we’d sit and eat and drink our way through my presentations. I was never one of those in your face reps demanding sales, and my accounts appreciated that of me and gave me a great deal of their business. There USED to be a great deal of money in that job… that was before greed and companies who cared more about how much black ink they could print on paper got involved. It went downhill pretty fast.

    I’m a huge fan of Cab Francs… and from the one’s I’ve tasted there is a huge variance in style, mainly regionally. To keep this short, I recently had a 2002 Coniglio from Napa. Big, robust and worthy of some blue veined cheeses and a steak. Then there was a 1998 Jouget Chinon (Loire). I bought a case of it years ago and open one from time to time. As I’ve tasted it over the years it has always been lighter in style than its Napa cousins, more aromatic and a bit of a silkier texture. I’ve always found the CF’s of Bordeaux to be a middle ground between (most) Chinons and Napa CF’s. Not being a fan of the veggie-bell pepper thing there are a lot of producers out there that you wont find that in their wine.

    Anyway… love what you do as always, and I’m looking forward to the next Pigs-in-space podcast.

    May 12, 2011 at 11:07 am