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Rick takes a week off, so Elizabeth and special guest M.C. Ice discuss how to shop for wine so you walk out of the store with what you need and want.

Show Notes:

  • Shout-outs - Some great Twitter replies and Facebook posts Main Topic
  • M.C. Ice confronts his fear of the Wall of Wine (WoW) and admits that he shops by label
  • This time it's personal: Elizabeth takes the bull by the horns and tries to teach M.C. Ice how to break down the store so he starts bringing home some better wines!
  • Elizabeth and M.C. Ice talk about the key questions to ask yourself before you even get in the store? "Why am I here?" is a good place to start. Shopping with a purpose is essential. They then get into the importance of deciding on the type of wine you want -- from color, to sweetness level, to weight, to style by wine producing country.
  • Grape of the Week: Verdejo from Rueda in North Central Spain -- a great alternative white, kind of like Sauvignon Blanc, but with a bite.

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