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You may have seen the terms "organic", "biodynamic", or "sustainable" on the wine label, and wondered what they actually mean. Elizabeth and Rick define these terms and explain the differences, and also call out some winemakers.

Show Notes:

  • Shout-outs - Some great Twitter replies, comments on the blog, iTunes reviews, and Facebook posts
  • Main Topic - Organic, Biodynamic, and Sustainable Wines
    1. Sustainable - Not certified... but maybe it should be
    2. Organic - A certification for certain winegrowing practices
    3. Biodynamic - Definitely some weird science going on - a must listen!
  • Let Us Know (on Facebook) - Does "organic", "biodynamic", or "sustainable" matter to you?
  • Grape of the Week - Grüner Veltliner (GROO-nah velt-LEE-nah)
  • Next Week - A special spotlight on Pinot Noir

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