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In addition to going over the correct pronunciation of sum-muhl-YAY (and sharing a few fun mispronunciations), Elizabeth and Rick provide some tips to help you have a productive conversation with the sommelier at a restaurant.  We hope to make your wine ordering experience much more enjoyable and less intimidating.

Show Notes:

  • Shout-outs - Some awesome comments posted on the blog, Facebook page, Twitter, and also iTunes
  • News - We're number one! We're number one! The U.S. ramps up their wine consumption.
  • Main Topic - How to speak to a sommelier
    1. The correct pronunciation of sum-muhl-YAY (thanks to forvo.com)
    2. Different levels of wine expertise
    3. The surprising etymology of the word "sommelier"
    4. Ordering from the wine list, and what to ask the sommelier
    5. How ordering wine is like choosing kitchen cabinets
    6. What to do if your sommelier is a jerk
  • Grape of the Week - Sauvignon Blanc
  • Next Week - It's a surprise!!

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